5 Simple DIY Tasks to Do During the Lockdown

Kill boredom and time by doing these simple task around your home 

The lockdown has caused people to become bored beyond imagination. One way to kill time is to watch Netflix or browse through everyone’s scare-mongering social media feeds for hours.

But a better and more productive use of your time would be to try these 5 easy (but effective) DIY tasks which you can tackle right now.

1. Fix squeaky hinges

Squeaky doors have the most shrill and off-putting noise. To fix the squeak, try lubricating the hinges with oil, petroleum jelly, or simply a bathing soap. Make sure you lubricate all the hinges on the door as this will make sure the door is 100% squeaky free.

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2. Paint plant pots

Make your boring pots stand out. Use acrylic paints to give your flower pots one color or you can play with the colors and paint abstract art on them to give them a funky look. Another option is to sketch an image on the pot and fill it with paint. You can first draw on the pot with a lead pencil and then paint over it. Spray painting the pots can also give your garden a different look.

Source: Pixabay

3. Fill nail holes

To fill up holes in your wall, you don’t need to waste money on spackle in these harsh financial times.
Instead, you can make this concoction at home: mix equal amounts of salt, cornstarch, and water. You can then apply this thick paste over the holes. Once dry, you can paint the wall and voila! your wall is free of holes. There are also other easier methods for example, a dab of white toothpaste, all-purpose flour, or a bar of soap. Here’s a YouTube tutorial on how to fill nail holes

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4. Refurbish old furniture and rearrange the house

Change the old tired wooden furniture to your desired color by using sandpaper, elbow grease, and a tin of paint. You can also simply change the covers of your sofa pillows to give your lounge a new look.
Chalk painting your console to a lighter color will also change the look of your furniture. Once you are done with renovating your furniture, you can rearrange it, in order to refresh your space. 

Source: Pixabay

5. Managing messy cords

It is very annoying to see wires all over the place. It is the worst kind of a mess. Cable box mini or any shoe box can be used for the floor wires mess. You can place all the wires in them and slide the box under the desk. 

Toilet paper rolls are a great way to store and organize cable cords. This may sound funny but yes this is a great hack for messy and tangible cables. You can slide the cable, one-by-one, in their own individual toilet paper tube instead of putting all those cables into a box and letting them get tangled up. Here’s a YouTube tutorial on how to organize messy cords 

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By Aniyah Wicks

Married to a computer geek and raising 2 future nerds, Aniyah is a passionate DIYer and gardening enthusiast. When she isn't wondering if she has had watered her indoor plants, she writes short articles so that, in due time, she can write a book one day!